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As children grow, nutrition and diet are very important especially as children become active they will need a well balanced meals. Our meals are nutritious and healthy and we cater for all dietary needs. 

We have signed upto “Eat Better and Start Better” programme which is designed for the Early Years Foundation Stage welfare requirement. This programme not only looks at balanced diets but also portion sizes which is very important for Children’s health and well-being and reducing obesity in young children. 

All meals provided at our nursery are freshly prepared on-site by a qualified chef. We provide fresh, balanced meals to the children at each mealtime with a variety of fresh fruit and a selection of healthy foods at snack times. Our menus are designed for easy adaptations to cater for all dietary requirements including allergies, vegetarian options, and parental preferences.

We have a four-week rotating menu. These are changed every year for Winter/Autumn and Spring/Summer and often adapted throughout the year to continue providing a diverse menu for all our children.

We provide fresh drinking water and snacks throughout the day. 


Please have a look at our sample Menu.