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Montessori Teaching in Hackney

At our Hackney Branch we have introduced Montessori Teaching which emphasis the use of hands on learning and collaborative play.

Montessori nurtures order, concentration and independence. Carefully designed class room enables the child to choose materials that enables them to self regulate and problem solve.

The Montessori Curriculum is made up of five areas. Practical, Sensory, Language, Maths and Cultural Studies.

Practical Life experience

Practical Life activity is what we as adult do everyday. For e.g sweeping, dressing and preparing for meals. The practical life material is made up of dressing frames, chopsticks, small jugs where children will learn to dress themselves buttoning and unbuttoning this will help them to prepare themselves being independent.


Sensory material provides the child with Sensori-motor activities which has been systematically planned for all senses. The children are provided with experiences to form new concept through experience, exploration and repetition.

Many materials help develop the child’s muscular co-ordination, and some prepare the child from later task such as writing.


Montessori’s Language materials are based on a structured phonic approach to reading and writing. Children learn sensorial by tracing sandpaper letters and their fingers while they are told the sounds, and they progress to writing simple words with moveable letters, matching words with objects and finally they read their first stories in phonic readers.


Children learn maths through senses able to judge the weight, size and dimension. The maths apparatus is designed to manipulate such as number rods, spindle boxes, and counting beads.


In this area, the child will learn geography, science, social studies, maps, globes and different cultures throughout the world. This program will develop from simple to complex and concrete to abstract, as does all Montessori education. The child will study the earth focusing on the prehistoric era, solar system, and the structure of the earth. It will then lead to land and water forms, followed by a study of individual countries leading their town and themselves.