What to expect when you visit the nursery for a show around?

The show around are usually carried out early in the morning or late in afternoon so not to disturb the children’s routine. The Manager will welcome you and give you a tour of the nursery explaining the nursery meals, routine of the children and educational programmes for each age group indoors and outdoors.

What happens next if I decide to take up the place?

You will be required to fill in an enrolment form and asked to bring the child’s Birth Certificate, Immunisation booklet and proof of address.

How long is the settling in period?

These vary from children to children and can take up to a week. You will be required to read some of our Policies and Procedures during this period.

My first day at the nursery what would I expect?

We know you will be very anxious on the first day and we will give you all the reassurance   you need. The Key person will talk you through the day and there are no restrictions as to how many times you can phone the nursery to see how your child is doing.

How do I access the Nursery webcam?

We will give you a link to access this.

How do I find out what my child has done during the day?

When you come to pick up your child the Key person or the Buddy Key Person will give you a verbal feedback which has been recorded on the sheet.

What happens if my child has an accident in the nursery?

All accidents are recorded and will be shared with you. If there is a head injury we will call you to inform you what has happened and advise you as to what to do. We follow are accident procedures for all accident.

What happens if my child falls sick in the nursery?

If your child has high temperature, then we will phone you or if your child is generally unwell then we will notify you. The best place for a sick child is at home. We will follow our sickness procedures.

Do I need to pay if my child is sick or on holiday?

Yes, you will need to pay if your child is sick or on holiday.

Who has access to my child’s records?

We take Data protection very seriously and therefore no one has access to your child’s records apart from the staff and Managers. However, where there is a safeguarding issue we will share the records with Social Care team.    

If I’m unhappy with anything in the nursery what should I do?

You will be inducted on this prior to your child starting the nursery. We operate an ‘open door policy’ where you can address your concern to the Managers. You can put in a complaint using our complaint procedure.

Why do I need to know about ‘Safeguarding’

We want all children to be safe and happy and therefore it is very important that you are fully aware of our safeguarding and child protection Procedures.

How do I find what my child is learning at the nursery?

You will have access to our own line learning journals ‘Tapestry’ we will induct you on this during your settling in week. You will also be given a verbal feedback from the Practitioners. Also there is a wipe board outside the classroom showing what the children have been learning today. There is information on our website and newsletters such as Topic of the month. Under ‘Parent Home learning’ section there will be activities that you can do with your child at home. 

Will my child have access to outside play?

Yes, children need fresh air and it is important for their health and well being that they have opportunity to play in our garden or local parks.

When do I pay fees?

Fees are paid in advance and NOT in arrears.

  • Bright Kids Leyton was built in 2001 and is registered for 50 children from 3 months to 5 years old.
  • 1 The Square, High Road, Leyton, E10 5NR
  • 0208 558 0666
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  • The nursery is now opened, Bright Kids Hackney. A brand new purpose built nursery with excellent roof top garden registered for children from ‘Birth to 5 Years.
  • 14/16 Kenworthy Road, Hackney,London E9 5TD
  • 020 8510 1731
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