Curriculum and Learning

Bright Kids Day Nurseries take pride in providing unique learning programmes for children that is based on their interest both at home and at the nursery. When your child enrols at the nursery we will involve you to fill in our ‘All about Me’ assessment programme. This programme will cover Prime and Specific areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage. (EYFS)

There are seven areas of the EYFS which covers Prime and Specific areas of learning and development. All areas of learning and development are important and interconnected but the there are three areas that are particularly important for children’s curiosity and enthusiasm for their learning. These three areas, the Prime areas are:
• Communication and language
• Physical development
• Personal , social and emotional development.

Our educational programmes supports children in four specific areas, through which the three prime areas and strengthened and applied. The specific areas are :
• Mathematics
• Literacy
• Understanding of the world
• Expressive arts and designs

To find out more on the EYFS please click here.
Children need to feel safe and secure within the nursery to thrive and develop and form secure attachment. Every child in our nursery has a primary Key Person who ensures that they encourage secure attachment with their key children and share information with the parents.

2 year old progress check with Health Visitor:

We work with our local health visitor to conduct a 2 year progress check for your child before their third birthday you will be invited to attend this will discuss developmental progress or share any concerns you may have. This is a part of Hackney’s Happy Healthy & Ready to Learn programme. Please download the link for further information.

Bright Kids Nurseries provides children with variety of experiences that extends their learning through challenging and stimulating activities all which are recorded in our online individual Learning Journals which is shared with Parents regularly. The online learning journal we use is a programme called ‘Tapestry’. We use online learning journals to record observations, tracking of children, characteristic of effective learning and take photographs of children engaged in activities. Because this is online Parents have access which allows them to write observation and take Photographs which is shared with the nursery . This encourages home learning. More information on Tapestry can be found on here.

We encourage children to behave, respect each other, value their opinions and share ideas thus promoting ‘British Values’.

The delivery of our curriculum is not just geared to indoors but extends to outdoors and this is enhanced by bringing the indoor learning to outdoors. Our unique safe garden gives children to explore and investigate with confidence.

We also take children on regular trips to give them an experience of the wider community.


We believe that children need to learn about the local community and therefore we take children out on regular outings to the local farms theme parks and different places of worships so that children learn about different cultures. Our visit to local libraries is very successful and children enjoy looking at books which encourage reading and early literacy skills. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.


Our extra activities include sports, cookery, music and movement, sing and sign and cooking. We believe that every child should benefit from inspiring and interesting activities from a young age. Some of these programmes are charged at a little cost.

Music and Movement


Open to all age groups (including the adults!)

We integrate toys, sound, dance and exercise to offer an entertaining and interactive physical workout for all children. Children are encourage to stay in tune with the rhythm and follow the beat.

Sing and Sign


Open to all age groups but focused at babies

Using sign is a natural form of statement for babies before they are able to communicate verbally. We encourage babies to use ‘sing and sign’ to communicate with others before developing their speech. Babies have an amazing ability to express their feelings and desires through sign and this activity is a nursery favourite.

Sports Coaching


Open to all age groups.

Physical activities keep children fit and healthy we use sports companies to deliver these programmes. 



Open to ages 1-5 years

Cookery provides an appealing and pleasurable experience for young children whilst offering  hands on approach to learning. We encourage healthy eating habits in young children and do this by introducing children to the process of selecting and preparing their food.

  • Bright Kids Leyton was built in 2001 and is registered for 50 children from 3 months to 5 years old.
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  • The nursery is now opened, Bright Kids Hackney. A brand new purpose built nursery with excellent roof top garden registered for children from ‘Birth to 5 Years.
  • 14/16 Kenworthy Road, Hackney,London E9 5TD
  • 020 8510 1731
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